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To access Medidata Rave®, you must activate your account using an Activation code provided by your administrator or a Medidata account administrator.

eLearning Requirements

Access to Rave is restricted by Instructor led training in conjunction with any eLearning requirements for the user.  Upon logging in to Rave with a valid User ID and password, access to the studies in EDC will be granted to the user based on the following system assumptions:



Note: A user who has not completed training can still access Rave by navigating to the Rave Home page.  Rave will grant access to any non-EDC modules that have been granted to the role, but will not allow access to any Studies, as per training access rules.

Security Warning

Rave uses a cookie-based authentication to track and manage session information.  The system will place a unique session cookie on your personal computer, and will check for its presence on every initiation of a browser session.  If the cookie is not found, the session information will be lost and you will be prompted to re-enter your password.  


At very high security settings, Rave will not work unless you declare the Rave URL safe by adding the <customer>. mdsol.com web address to the allowed sites list. For instructions on how to access Rave with high privacy settings, see Related Topics.


To log in to Rave using Rave URL

  1. Access a working Internet connection of choice.

  2. Enter the URL for the study you are working on. This is generally: http://[name]. mdsol.com. The web address must not contain the letters " www".


  1. Press Enter or Return.


Note: Externally authenticated users cannot login directly to a Rave URL.  They must login from iMedidata using their iMedidata User Name and Password.



  1. Select a language you want to work in from the dropdown list of languages available for this installation. The system will dynamically reset the labels and links in the selected language. For example, if you select Japanese, the system will reset the labels and links in Japanese. The default is English.



  1. Enter User Name and Password. User names and Passwords are case sensitive. (For example, AAA is not the same as aaa)


  1. Click Enter.

You will be directed to the Rave Home page or the eLearning Home page depending on your conventional and/or eLearning training requirements and status.


Note: The End User License Agreement ( EULA) may appear when a user successfully activates the user account and/or when the user logs in. This occurs if the configuration for the License Agreement is set up in the Configuration module Other Settings section and there is no record of the user's date and time agreement to the License agreement in the system. For information see Related Topics.


  1. If you forget your password or user name, follow instructions in Forgot Password or User Name?

  2. If you have questions about your training requirements, retrieving your PIN or generally want to reach Medidata Help desk with a question, see Customer Support.




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