Accessing the System
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Note: Instructions on this page applies only to Rave users who are internally authenticated.


You require the following tools to use the Medidata Rave System:


To access the system

The following applies only to internally authenticated Rave users:


  1. Create a confidential Personal Identification Number (PIN) to activate the account.

The PIN can be used to recover account information if the password or user ID is lost or forgotten if your system allows it. There is no restriction on the number of characters for the PIN.


  1. Send a completed Account Activation Request Form to a Medidata administrator or an authorized representative in your organization.  Include your personal details and contact information.

You will receive the Account Activation Request Form on completion of training.


  1. Activate the account with the activation code provided by the administrator.

This code is a unique, randomly generated eight-character code that will be sent via email.  


  1. Assign yourself a new password according to guidelines established within the system.

When in doubt, contact your system administrator for more information.


Note: Users can change their password in Rave at any time.


  1. Log into the system using your password and User ID.




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